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If you have any photographs which need a touch of photo manipuation, use the SNOWCUBE RETOUCH service to enhance and create a subtle digitalisation. There is no risk of damage to the original photograph which will be copied and returned completely unaltered.

You can choose to have just a reprint or an individually designed photobook can be created from a series of your photographs. This could be as a gift for a friend, relative, bride-to-be or someone you love.

RETOUCH can digitally:
remove red eye
brighten teeth and remove stains
remove spots and blemishes
smooth out wrinkles
slenderize and add subtle slimming
remove shadows
change the intensity of eye colour
open closed or creased eyes
change the colour of hair
add depth of field
add a colour section (black and white image with isolated areas of colour)
change the colour of the image to black and white, sepia or a hue of your choice
create a pop art style image


For more information please contact nicole.